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Where is Ayuub?


I will be attending this event… to demystify the de-risking myth! this crazy idea where many banks around the world closed the Somali remittance companies bank accounts.

Ayuub was on the road during most of the first 4 years of this decade for variety of reasons mainly related to telecommunication and institution building in Somalia…. more specifically at these fora; AfriNIC, ICANN, ITU, UPU, IGF, AFNOG, ISOC, ICT4D, etc. Getting Somalia’s membership at the ITU/UPU/WIPO and WTO were achieved, however, this requires constant contact and being in touch with these institutions.

From the Archives: AfriNIC Public Policy Meeting – Johannesburg, South Africa. Nov 20-16, 2010

Highlights: IPX (6P) or Somali Internet Exchange Point to be implemented. E-gov policy developed and I will supervise the CERT Management course to be delivered at Dar Salaam during June 2010. It is interesting to revisit this page after 7 years and reflect on what has been achieved.

Highlights: It has been exactly 7 years ago I wrote the above. 6P did not happened for a variety of reasons that I will write over the next few days. 11/11/2017 in KL….