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Where is Ayuub?

Am back… and it is June 2024.

In 2022 I wrote to the Australian FA minister, read here. Unfortunately the some issue has arisen and I wrote again this week, read here.


Standard joke while working in the Middle East was my answer to where was I? ‘Kulu makaan wala makaan’ My Arabic was rusty then and now, let us just say not any better, other languages are also lately in the ‘too hard basket’.  Just imagine Salvatore of Montferrat in Umberto Eco’s 1980, The name of the rose…(Italian: Il nome della rosa [il ˈnoːme della ˈrɔːza])… when he said, ‘I speak all languages and no language’!

Anyway here are the latest…Read these if Somalia piqued your interest… Briefing Note1 and briefing note2

2018…was invited to many events and I will share the contribution made and outcomes, etc. soon….

attended this event… to demystify the de-risking myth! this crazy idea where many banks around the world closed the Somali remittance companies bank accounts.

Ayuub was on the road during most of the first 4 years of this decade for variety of reasons mainly related to telecommunication and institution building in Somalia…. more specifically at these fora; AfriNIC, ICANN, ITU, UPU, IGF, AFNOG, ISOC, ICT4D, etc. Getting Somalia’s membership at the ITU/UPU/WIPO and WTO were achieved, however, this requires constant contact and being in touch with these institutions.

See ….

From the Archives: AfriNIC Public Policy Meeting – Johannesburg, South Africa. Nov 20-16, 2010

Highlights: IPX (6P) or Somali Internet Exchange Point to be implemented. E-gov policy developed and I will supervise the CERT Management course to be delivered at Dar Salaam during June 2010. It is interesting to revisit this page after 7 years and reflect on what has been achieved.

Highlights: It has been exactly 7 years ago I wrote the above. 6P did not happened for a variety of reasons that I will write over the next few days. 11/11/2017 in KL…