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Thinking is the hardest job….that is apparently why only a few are doing it. So what is the Nomad thinking about? Here are just some of the crazy stuff that keeps the Nomad awake some nights…. content getting reformatted for public consumption. Your patience appreciated.

It is 2019… OMG! Ayuub was busy elsewhere in the world, contributing to the global discussion on a variety of topics. Some of the discussion papers will be loaded here soon, and the book section will get a new life as well.

I cover many topics from technology, business processes and when bored transgress to politics.

Here is a sample of Ayuub’s output and your comments, ideas are welcome. Join me on LinkedIn..

Read these if Somalia piqued your interest… Briefing Note1 and Briefing Note2

Can Religion Withstand Technology?

The story behind this photo created a lot of excitement when first published in 2009. Having been to Somalia since then, the Nomad now knows better.

the discussion was about religion and technology and the need for
tolerance in all areas; I covered the synchronization of the Azan ‘the call for prayer’ in some Arab countries. The use of simple technologies such as powerpoint presentation during the Friday Prayer Khutba, delivering the Khutba in a language other than Arabic… to allow all (including non-Arabic speakers) to get the message and few other ideas that some considered (then) controversial.

Nevertheless, we have moved now on and some of those ideas are now more or less accepted.

Richard Feynman – What more can I say……

Richard Feynman

Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Cornell University Cafeteria, Ithaca, New Yo
“I was in the cafeteria and some guy, fooling around, throws a plate in the air. As the plate went up in the air I saw it wobble, and I noticed the red medallion of Cornell on the plate going around. I went to work out equations of wobbles… Then I thought about how electron orbits start to move in relativity. Then there’s the Dirac Equation in electrodynamics. And then quantum electrodynamics. It was effortless … It was like uncorking a bottle: Everything flowed out effortlessly. I almost tried to resist it! There was no importance to what I was doing, but ultimately there was. The diagrams and the whole business that I got the Nobel Prize for came from that piddling around with the wobbling plate.”

Colombia… Beautiful country, beautiful mujeras – I was in Colombia for the ICANN conference at Cartagena 5-10 of Dec 2010. I’m a member of the ccNSO and I also project manage the .so initiative.

Colombia… Beautiful country, beautiful mujeras – I was in Colombia for the ICANN conference at Cartagena 5-10 of Dec 2010. I’m a member of the ccNSO, the GAC and other ICANN committees and I also project manage the .so initiative.

During the conference, every morning I used to go for a run along the beach and among all the early morning Colombian beach goers I used to see someone (see the photo on the right) who looked liked the famous Malawi singer (see the photo below right).

She would say… I can run faster than you, etc.

Anyway my last day in Colombia… as I was running past this lady, she stood up and a picked up a rock . I was not sure what she was going to do… I was thinking that she might want come for a run too. Then I noticed she was putting on some something, on her leg or where her leg used to be.
I waved, continued my run and started reflecting on life…. Allah Karim.

Malia , the singer from Malawi whose debut album Yellow Daffodils…blah blah… go google it if you’re interested.

Colombia…. Beautiful people and beautiful beaches. Or is it? Yes, Colombia is beautiful place and with fast developing economy. Less than 10% of the population own more than 80% of the resources… what is new?

My favorite writer Gabriel Garcia

Marquez is from Colombia. I visited his house in Cartagena…