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AI, Machine learning, online education for Somalia

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An interesting article from the World Bank that covers how Somali students are kept connected with the help of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) and Somali Research and Education Network SomaliREN during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a welcome news and we, the Somali diaspora should support this initiative.

The WorldBank reported that 11 member universities out of the 20 current members use the platform to deliver their classes online, while the remaining institutions train their faculty members on the adoption of the system. This is also good news, BUT why only 11 out of the 20 current members? Why members? Why can’t all Somali universities, schools or any educational institution take advantage of this initiative?

Sharing information is important and there are many more Somalis in the diaspora who are ready to help… BUT how does one find out what the WorldBank and all those helpful NGOs are doing in Somalia? so that our efforts can be coordinated to deliver, in this case, online education in an efficient way.

There are a lot of educational content out there that can help Somali students, what is needed an open, accessible platform to all Somalis, not members and non-members of yet another entity, etc. etc. The Internet Society Chapter of Somalia ( and hopefully soon the national IGF office in Somalia will start providing some of these free online content to all Somalis…here is an example, a Webinar from the ITU, enjoy it. Click here.

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